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New as of April of this year, Nexxus introduces new products for the Control, Texture and Volume collections.  We had the pleasure of trying two of them.  These are listed below. 


  • (1) Volume: Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist - 5 Oz MSRP $11.99
  • (1) Volume: Exxpand Volumizing Whip - 2.82 Oz MSRP $11.99

Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist 

We have had the opportunity to use different brands of dry shampoo's and so far, we have liked them all.  However, this one really stood the test on a particular day.  We gave the product to our senior reviewer, as she has the most hair issues of all of us. 

On this day, our reviewer was having a really hectic day.  She was on the second day after a shampoo and had been running around, indoors, out of doors, running, running.  Her thinning hair was looking limp and basically, pretty unfresh. 

She took the bottle into the bathroom, sprayed and combed.  She noted the delightful aroma.  It left her blonde tresses looking fuller and well, no grease. 

If you know someone who is home bound, in a healthcare facility or otherwise unable to keep up with a shampooing, buy them for them.  They will appreciate it.  Just spray and comb.

Exxpand Volumizing Whip

Exxpand Volumizing Whip
 The whip has a lively, fruity essence.  Initially, the texture is akin to lotion. However, it turns into a boufier 'do.  The smell of this against the smell of our shampoo is really nice. 

About Nexxus:

For over three decades, Nexxus has been an iconic hair care brand, creating breakthrough formulations infused with precious ingredients and powered by science. Using sophisticated new technologies, we have evolved our products yet again to deliver our next era in exceptional hair care.

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