Hooded Bath Towel Cute Puppy Dog

This is a beautiful bath towel and it fits infant to toddler. 

Hooded Bath Towel Cute Puppy Dog The material is a soft, plush towel and will feel wonderful on your baby's skin.  The hood is darling too.  The dog's ears are a bright, festive orange.  This will surely delight the little ones.

Upon visual examination, we can find no flaws, excepting a pair at one end of the hood hem.  Otherwise, there are no hanging or dangling threads.  Nothing weird.  The hem is otherwise, well sewn.

Seriously, I would love one of these in my size.  I'm not stating that I would then parade my buy through the city on a slow-moving motorcycle.  I'm simply stating that I would like to have one for me. 

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