FreshJax Grilling Spices Gift Set

This set of spices are of a simple and clean design.  They arrive well-packaged.  Up for your buck are the following;

1.  Burger Seasoning (Grill Master)
2.  Hot Grill Spice (Peppered Habanero)
3.  Original Blend (Smokey Southwest)
4.  Sea Seasoning
5.  Sweet Citrus Blend

These are definitely proprietary blends and on the norm, if I do not like the aroma of the spice, I will not appreciate the taste of the spice.  However, I am extremely picky.  I don't want to be.  I just am. 

Hence, I did not try the ones with the aroma that I did not appreciate.  I do not urge anyone to follow suit.  This is my personal standard. 

Burger Seasoning

Has a somewhat unpleasant aroma.  However, another reviewer tried it for me and his family loved it.  They used it on chicken and it was good times.

Hot Grill Spice 

FreshJax Grilling Spices Gift Set Smells like black pepper.  Not too strong.  This one was also sampled with good results. 

Original Blend

Not a pleasant scent.  Somewhat pungent.

Sea Seasoning

Has a somewhat pungent aroma.

Sweet Citrus Blend 

This smells delightful, like a lemon peppery with a surprise tangy twist.

True to color, I did like the last spice.  A lot.  I used it for hamburgers and they were delightful.

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