EcoFarms Wildflower Seeds Kit - Mix of Flower Seeds

This is a fun and educational little package.  There are nine 'pods' that you are free to plant into the earth or into pots.  Also included is an easy set of instructions to follow. 

EcoFarms Wildflower Seeds Kit - Mix of Flower Seeds The magic will ensue when I see their little life signs, prodding upwards towards the sky and out of the nutrient-rich soil. 

Where a man can plant his seeds and watch 'em shoot upwards toward the sun and the sky, like our forefathers did.
Oliver Wendell Douglas in Green Acres

Really, this is my only attempt at gardening.  Hence, I wanted to do it right.  What I've done is to plant all of the Big Pink Wildflower Mix and the Daisy seeds.  I planted this in an area right in front of my apartment. 

I watered the dirt, dug the holes, then, I gently covered them up.  For something so simply, it was very gratifying.  I am looking forward to their growth.

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