Culinary Couture White Bread Box

Our review begins with a simple missive from the seller.  Included in the message was a link to track your package and a bonus ebook.  The ebook is a PDF, "Bread Making and 35 Delicious Recipes."

Culinary Couture White Bread Box I did my homework and the best way to keep a loaf of bread fresh is to freeze it and this can be quite problematic for many.  It's problematic for me as almost everything that I do is spontaneous.  Bread cannot adequately thaw within minutes.

After that, you can store your bread in a steel bin, which, has air holes.  First, you should remove the plastic.  Forget storing a baguette.  They should be consumed the day that they are baked. 

Hence, this bread box is perfect.  It's not beautiful.  But, it's not a big, lumbering thing that could hold open concrete doors either.  It's not hideous.  It's simple.  I like simple.

I would like to have this in a red, so that it matches my microwave.

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