Craft Beer Menu Monday: Saint Archer Brewery

Saint Archer Brewing Company is both a brewery and a bar, hailing from San Diego, California, inside of 33,000 square foot facility.  The company was founded on a unique strain of creative talent;  

    Craft Beer Menu Monday: Saint Archer Brewery
  • World-class brewers
  • Artists and musicians
  • Surfers
  • Skateboarders
  • Snowboarders

 ...all coming together with passion and commitment to express their collective true love of handcrafted beer. 

We hope you taste our appreciation and gratitude in every sip.

Currently,  Saint Archer brews almost twenty beers.  However, they state that they will continue to brew even more, as long as folks drink them.  Sweet!


  • (2) Imperial IPA (22 Oz)

The Imperial IPA was brewed for Summer.  It has a citrus nose.  However, the citrus doesn't make a strong presence taste-wise.  Slightly bitter. 

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