Craft Beer Menu Monday: Fort Collins Brewery

Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) is a modern microbrewery with free tours, samples and food
pairings on Friday and Saturday.  Also, there's a pub next door.  Sweet.

Craft Beer Menu Monday: Fort Collins Brewery
  • (1) Peaches & Barley, 12 Oz 

Peaches & Barley (15 Proof)

This FCB product is a Belgian-style peach saison.  It contains peach and apricot puree and various spices.  It smells of an intoxicating fruit.  However, the taste is of hops with a delightfully odd aftertaste.  Slightly bitter.

This one is a lovely golden hue with a white head.  It pairs well with seared scallops and peach cobbler.  This will be perfect next month which, is, "Peach Month."

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