Craft Beer Menu Monday: Ale Industries

Ale Industries is one of the oldest and largest brewery's in Oakland, California.  This is where they are based.  They've been in business since 2009 and also has the distinction of the longest running barrel program. 

When Ale Industries began business, co-founders Morgan Cox and Stephen Lopas had an agenda which, was three-fold;

  1. To tend to the needs of the environment and community which surrounds them,
  2. Craft Beer Menu Monday: Ale IndustriesTo share the love of craft experience with others,
  3. To create products which were difficult, if not at all possible to categorize.


(2) Cans of Golden State Mind

Craft Beer Menu Monday: Ale IndustriesThis is a beer which smells of tea, cinnamon and citrus.  The taste is odd in a pleasant way.  Your sip tastes like herbal tea.  Then, you notice the citrus.  Then, you notice the tea.  It's delightful.  Ensure that it's cold and you'll enjoy!

Ale Industries products can be purchased from Ale Industries in the taproom.  They also have growlers to go.  They are not available in Texas. 

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