Wet Diapers Bag by Buttons

Upon having received these bags, we were worried that there would be no handle on them.  However, that was simply because of the way that the bags were folded inside of the package.  The bags do have an excellent handle for easy carrying or simply hanging

  • (1) Medium Bag
  • (1) Small Bag
However, the bags are more than that.  They are also stain and water resistant, anti-microbial, lead free, machine washable and dry (on low for the dryer).  The bags are also pleasant to the touch.  Do be careful not to snag the material with the rough edge of a fingernail, we've discovered.

Upon closer visual examination, there are no loose threads. The bags are available in small (10"x 10"), medium (13.5"x 14.5") and large (13.5" x 24").  They can be purchased from the website, as listed below.

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