Vitamin D3 Oral Spray

Our review begins with a missive from the seller, explaining that if issues should arise, they are ready to assist.  There is also a link to our order.  This is nice.  We always expect better for the products which are preceded with these messages.

During the month of December, in 2014, The Dr. Oz Show talked about the importance of taking Vitamin D.  He stated that there is a significant portion of society for whom Vitamin D is important to take or even, increase the take.  He then brought out a small group of people for whom Vitamin D had significantly helped them.

Hence, we started taking Vitamin D and discovered that it helped greatly.  We won't divulge the applicable physical need.  What we will state is that it made a big change for us and we have been taking it ever since.

To be able to take Vitamin D as an oral spray is helpful as this necessarily ensures that the vitamin will be better absorbed into the body.  The taste is a slight sugar-free item.  Nothing strong.  Nothing unbearable.

We also like the fact that this is a spray as we have so many other pills to take.  So, we have huge bottles of vitamins to take on a daily basis.  Now, we have this small spray bottle.  Four hits a day is the recommended dosage.

Our only qualm is the almost-$24.00 price tag.

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