Powerful Odor Eliminator 200g Bag by Moody Zook

Our review begins with a missive from the seller.  The message actually contains a link to the customer service area @ Amazon.  Yeah, they know that this is a good product that most people need.

I love these things.  I'm noticing more and more sellers with these things and I snag one when I can!  This particular brand, I like as it's somewhat discreet.  You have to really pick it up and look at it to figure out what it is.  This one is sitting on a bookshelf, between objects and close to the 2-cat litter box.

Powerful Odor Eliminator 200g Bag by Moody Zook
Smart, huh?  I.  Know.  The product has a hole in the upper, right-hand corner so that you may hang it someplace. 

They're natural.  We've known for probably hundreds of years that charcoal is a natural odor absorbent.  Now, we're packing the coal into sewn envelopes and handling our business.  I already have one in the car.

Finally, you remove the envelope of charcoal once or twice a year and leave it in the sunlight.  The bits are re-energized.  Like, magic.

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