Nonna Box

Nonna Box is a fairly new company (2015) currently enjoying an, "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau for the state of California.  What began as one man's normal Sunday afternoon, has developed into the Italian norm of sharing.  In this instance, the sharing involves six artisanal gourmet products from select Italian areas. 

Received (Pugliese Cuisine):
(1) Artichoke Spread (3.5 Oz)
(1) Bella di Cerignola Olives (170 G)
(1) Olive Oil Taraili (250 G)
(1) Orecchiette di Farina Arsa
(1) Sun Kissed Cherry Tomatoes (6.7 Oz)
(1) Tenuta Cocevola Evoo Dop - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (8.45 Fl Oz)
(1) Handwritten Message (from founder Guido himself) on Blue Envelope Detailing Box Contents
(3) Recipe Cards

This is a wonderful collection of Italian foods.  Surely, even the most experienced of foodies would smile in complete delight.  As is indicative of a successful monthly gourmet food box subscription, the goods have already ingratiated themselves with the realm of American foods.  Yet, these are geographically focused.  Contents are presented as a gift.

LogoEven the most persnickety of us (current writer included) are still smiling.  We aren't even sure why.  We know that part of our joy is the fact that the box doesn't talk down to us.  It doesn't snub its nose at our simplistic world view. 

Neigh, it offers what it has with a gentle bite.  It states, "This is me.  Like it.  Or, don't."  It does this out of the confidence of actual excellence.

We do. 

Subscription fees begin @ $69.95 per box (per month or every other month), or $65.00 per box with a 3-month prepay or $60.00 per box with a 6-month prepay.  It's so worth it.  It's like residing in an original Italian restaurant for a short, but ecstatic period of time. 

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