New Wild Republic Audubon Birds

Up for your perusal are these Audubon Birds, available via Wild Republic.  There are 60 birds in all and each is just beautiful in its own way.  We received the Cardinal and what impresses us the most is the fact that it's way more detailed than the photograph offered.  We have included a photo of the bird with one of our Review Cats, Snoe.  He was the first kitty to want to knock the snot out of this beauty, upon having heard him sing.
New Wild Republic Audubon Birds
Of course, Sparkles also wanted a piece of Birdie after having heard the song.  We don't like it.  But, they are cats and we normally let them be the boss.  Normally!

However, it is for this reason that we will not be able to have it out on our desk for inspiration, unless we are here the entire time to ensure Birdie's safety.  He's beautiful and the recorded sound file of the song?  Perfect.  No noise. Only an enchanting call. 

New Wild Republic Audubon Birds In real life, we are somewhat daunted by the tenacity and the aggressiveness of the common Cardinal.  Here again, we are also delighted with is beauty, his fight and his confidence.

This is truly an incredible collection.  We expected the price of the birds to be entirely too high.  This is not so.  These are $9.99 and can be purchased from the website, as listed below.

While we're on the topic, the website is well done too.  It's easy to maneuver.  It's also easy to buy.

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