Elk Rider Crisp Gin for National Gin Day

Today is National Gin Day and the history for today is vast.  For you see, it began in the Middle Ages.  At that time, gin was an herbal medicine.  It later became something of value, which could be traded. 

Heritage Distilling is the Gig Harbor, Washington company of many an award-winning spirit.  They have, in fact, a real nice selection.  We really are Jonesing to try some of their flavored spirits.  However, they didn't fit in with the holiday. 

  • (1) 750ml Elk Rider Crisp Gin (94 Proof) MSRP $27.50
  • (1) Hand-Written Note

The concept for this business occurred in 2011 after a little whiskey and a cigar.  The people were sitting around a camp fire.  This is where it was realized that a better distilling job could be done.  The business plan was written the next day.

What did/does fit in with the holiday was this wonderful bottle of gin.  The nose is earthy and the alcohol is strong.  But, the gin itself has a lovely citrus taste that we didn't notice until the end.  Smooth.

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