Craft Beer Menu Monday: Samuel Adams Summer Brews

Samuel Adams has been in business since 1984.  This was a time when the craft beer industry held a minimal presence in a corporate America.  The company was named for a man who was a Boston legend who sought independence.  He was also a brewer, as was his father. 

Belgian When their first beer hit the market, there were only two employees.  These were co-founders Jim Koch and Rhonda Kallman.  They spent most of their work days visiting potential carriers. 

Now, Samual Adams employees around 1,200 people within Boston, Cincinnati and Pennsylvania breweries.  They've accumulated many awards and accolades.  Future growth can only continue upward.


  • (2) Belgian Session
  • (2) Boston Lager
  • (2) Got Gose
  • (2) Heaven or Helles
  • (2) Summer Ale
  • (2) Whitewater IPA

GotBelgian Session

Belgian Session is our very favorite.  This is Samuel Adam's version of a traditional Belgian beer.  It is well-rounded and has a strong nose of olive and is sour.  It's not terrifically sour.  It's perfect.  Limited release.  A similar beer is the Escape Route.

Boston Lager

The Boston Lager is the only beer in this collection which, is available the year round.  It has an earthy essence and a woody flavor.  It is similar to the Boston Ale.

Got Gose

Got Gose is a limited release and has an earthy, floral aroma and a lightly hopsy flavor.  Special ingredients include coriander, kosher salt and cucumber.  It is similar to Verloren.

Heaven or Helles

Heaven or Helles is a limited release and smells of a slightly spicy hops.  The taste and body are light.  It's similar to Alpine Spring.
Summer Ale

Summer Ale

Summer (Ale) is light and seasonal.  It is only available from March to July.  It has an earthy essence, with a thin, citric air.  This is definitely a Summer beverage.  However, we cannot back that up with logic.  Similar to the Ale is White Lantern.  Special ingredients include lemon peel and grains of Paradise. 

Whitewater IPA

Whitewater is a limited release and somewhat bitter with indiscernible spices.  It smells terrific.  It is similar to Grumpy Monk.  Special ingredients include apricots, coriander and orange peel.

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