Cider Saturday: Locust Cider

Locust Cider was founded by two Texan brothers, Jason and Patrick Spears in 2014.  The siblings wanted a cider to relax with at the end of another day of working.  One of the brothers was spurred on by a near-death experience from childhood.  It made him stronger, more tenacious and driven.  The cider epitomizes all of this.

In 2015, Jason Spears had a daughter.  Soon after that, he learned that she had hydrocephalus and craniosynostosis.  This condition causes fluid to collect on the brain and so far, Ms. Lucy, at the tender age of 11-months has been through two brain surgeries and five hospital stays and a very likely more to come. 

Hence, all Locust Ciders are dedicated to this cause as those afflicted with this disorder are very tough, as is the beautiful Ms. Lucy.  You can help by purchasing the cider and/or by joining the Cider Club

    Cider Saturday:  Locust CiderReceived:
  • (2) 500ml Thai Ginger Hard Cider (12 Proof)
  • (2) 500ml Wabi Sabi Hard Cider (14 Proof)
  • (4) 12 Oz Cans of Dark Cherry Hard Cider (12 Proof)
  • (4) 12 Oz Cans of Original Dry Hard Cider (12 Proof)
  • (4) Smaller, Logo Stickers
  • (2) Long, Green Stickers

Dark Cherry Hard Cider

Dark Cherry is made with Gala and Granny Smith apples and has the aroma is of sour apple.  But, not green.  The palate is apple.  But, the finish is sour. 

Original Dry Hard Cider

Original Dry is made with Pacific Northwest Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and has a green apple essence.  The palate is green and the finish is quick. 

Thai Ginger Hard Cider

Cider Saturday:  Locust CiderThai Ginger is made with Gala and Granny Smith apples.  It smells of ginger.  However, the mid-palate is sweet.  The finish is somewhat sour, which, we like.  It tastes somewhat like lemonade.

Wabi Sabi Hard Cider

Wabi Sabi is made with Pacific Northwest apples and is as close to a liquid hard candy as you can get.  It tastes like a candied apple with cherry notes.  You're left licking the sweet off of your lips.

Ginae Says is honored to bring Locust Cider's to you as their values align with ours.  We are also humbled by their generosity.  Thank you Locust Cider!

Get the cider's.

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