Cider Saturday: Common Cider

Common Cider advertises as a delivery system for joy and the human side of cider.  The bottles are ell-designed and well considered.  We thusly share;

The open a Common Cider is to open your heart to the world.  To invite conversation, to entertain new ideas, to celebrate what we all have in common.  While the rest of the brewing world is busily promoting hard cider, we're engaged with in the art of crafting human cider.  Cider as a solvent for cynicism.  Cider as symbol of balance and sanity.

    Cider Saturday: Common Cider
  • (1) Apple Saison (22 Oz Bottle)
  • (1) Blackberry Sangria (22 Oz Bottle)
  • (1) Blood Orange Tangerine (22 Oz Bottle)
  • (1) Hibiscus Saison (22 Oz Bottle)
  • (1) Lemon Saison (22 Oz Bottle)

Apple Saison

The Apple Saison is crisp, slightly fruit and all fun.  This is your completely Summer down-time beverage!  Yes.

Blackberry Sangria 

The nose is of blackberry, grapes and something sweet.  Like candy.  That's how it tastes in fact.  It's like a joyous liquid hard candy.  We were thinking that we would not like it because of the blackberry.  We were wrong.

Blood Orange Tangerine 

We were concerned that we would not appreciate this award-winning beverage, as we are not an orange, nor a tangerine person.  However, our concern was for naught.  This is incredible!  The taste is akin to a hard-candy flavor without the unpleasantness of a hard-candy.

Hibiscus Saison

Never before have we enjoyed the flavor sensation that is hibiscus.  However, this is good.  This is real good.  The nose is floral.  But, the taste is something other-wordly.

Lemon Saison

This has a lemon and apple nose.  However, the palate and aftertaste are a delightful lemon.  The taste is also a little sour, which, we like.

If there's a negative aspect to Common Cider, it is only the fact that it is available only in California, for the most part.  It's a crying shame.  We could literally down a city water tower of the stuff...well, over time...she tries to save(s) face.

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