Ceramic Knife Set by Passion Gusto

These four knives are the most stunning set of knives that I have ever seen, anywhere at anytime.  The contrast of the white blades against the black handles, with the black logo emblazoned on the blades is incredible.  It's not necessarily that you want your knives to match your shoes, eye shadow, purse, pot rags, bottle openers or 15-piece cooking set of pots and pans.  It's not.  But, with these basic black and white colors, they probably will. They will probably match all of that, plus the cat and one of your kids.
 Ceramic Knife Set by Passion Gusto

 Ceramic Knife Set by Passion GustoThe set cuts well too.  The price (a few hairs short of forty bucks) seems pretty fair for such a set.  The only way to improve this set would be to add three more steak knives. 'Course, they would probably have to raise the price to add those. 

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