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Allen Edmonds is a store for men.  If you've read us before, you know that we will purchase man gear for our self in a second if it will fit, is economically priced and looks good.  However, once we got to the merchandise selection process, we were struck by the rugged good looks of the organizational products.  Plus, we really like the smell of cedar and once the smell starts to fade, you simply give that item a light sanding and the aroma is refreshed!

Allen Edmonds

However, back to the topic of organization, most of us are heavily involved with this for most of the year.  If you're not, then, you are probably behind.  Like us.

    Allen Edmonds
  • (1) Cedar Hanger MSRP $4.95
  • (1) Cedar Sox Box MSRP $14.95
  • (1) Large Cedar Shoe Rack MSRP $34.95

Cedar Hanger

We ask for the single hanger.  However, we received two of them.  They are flawless.  They have the pants bar on them and the hanging hooks are firm.  This is good.  Have you ever tried to retrieve a shirt from the closet with a loosey goosey hanger?  Ugh.

Allen EdmondsCedar Sox Box

The box is beautiful.  The finish is super smooth.  However, the bottom of the box is comprised of lacquer-coated hardboard.  The back-end has a crack where the wood meets.

Large Cedar Shoe Rack

This is easily assembled in just a few seconds.  It's not as tall as we thought that it would be, which, is great.  Our current closet space is minimal due to having a huge shower. 

About Allen Edmonds:

Founded in 1922, Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation is a U.S. based manufacturer of premium men’s footwear and accessories. We have been creating timeless, custom-made men's dress shoes and casual shoes since 1922. Our shoes use only premium leathers and are handcrafted via a 212-step process.

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