Zombie Apocalypse Go-To Guy / Girl

While I am not a zombie person, I do enjoy this t-shirt.  Mine arrived on a black t-shirt, which, was made in the Honduras.  The shirt looks huge, as it should.  In fact, I will never understand how you sometimes buy a 2XL shirt and it's the tiniest thing that your Daschund ever wore!

Zombie Apocalypse Go-To Guy / GirlYou can shrink it if it's too big for you.  But, I find it perfect.  In fact, there are no visual flaws, such as dangling threads or hanging strings.  No. 

Whether you are a zombie person, or, your head is resting somewhere outside of a sci-fiction zone, you have to appreciate things that at least, make you smile.  There is nothing wrong with a smile.  It's not against the law, or anything. 

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