World Whisky Day 2016

World Whisky Day gives all an opportunity to acknowledge this spirit that is whiskey/whisky.  Try it any way that you like (neat, with water, in a cocktail) with whomever you like.  There are celebratory events that are currently underway the world over.

What follows are the recommendations of Ginae Says.

Bulleit Bulleit  
(1) 200ml Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey  (90 Proof)

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is one of 10 Diageo Brands which received a Double Gold award at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Crown Royal 
(1) 200ml Northern Harvest Rye Whisky  (90 Proof)

Crown Royal was named the 2016 World Whisky of the Year.  This is the first Canadian whisky to ever receive the title.

Dry Fly Distilling
(1) 375ml Straight Triticale Whiskey (88 Proof)

Dry Fly Distilling began in a conversation of gratitude between two men.  Kent Fleischmann and Don Poffenroth were loving nature and their physical surroundings as they stood in a Pacific Northwest river.  This discussion led to their acknowledgement and passion of/for hand-crafted spirits.  They wanted a brand of their own.

The men source only local ingredients from farms in the Eastern Washington area and use Christian Carl pot stills for their award-winning products (gin, vodka, bourbon and whiskies).  The work is done only in small batches.  From grain to glass.

The Hilhaven Lodge  
(1) 200ml  (80 Proof)

Hilhaven Lodge is owned and created with Hollywood director Brett Ratner.  The spirit has been well-publicized because of its incredible smoothness.

Vinn Distillery
(1) 375ml Whiskey (86 Proof)

The Vinn Distillery is a family endeavor.  The Ly family has been involved with creating spirits for over four centuries.  They made them out of respect for their ancestors, for medicine, parties and just relaxing.

In terms of geography, the family has been through a lot.  However, as of today, Vinn Distillery is based in Portland, Oregon.  They are available for private tasting, if you desire.

Wyoming Whiskey 

(1) 375ml Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey (88 Proof)

Wyoming Whiskey has been in business since July 4th, 2009.  Hailing from Kirby, Wyoming, their primary agenda is to produce Wyoming's first premium whiskey with ingredients that are regionally available.  This is done in a discerning manner, so as to select only the best.

Founder and CEO Bradford Mead says;

The Big Horn Basin has everything we need to make great bourbon with our corn,
wheat and barley all grown in Byron, Wyoming and our water bubbling up to Manderson, Wyoming from the mile deep limestone aquifer.

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