World Whisky Day 2016

World Whisky Day gives all an opportunity to acknowledge this spirit that is whiskey/whisky.  Try it any way that you like (neat, with water, in a cocktail) with whomever you like.  There are celebratory events that are currently underway the world over.

What follows are the recommendations of Ginae Says.

(1) 750ml Black Bush Irish Whiskey (80 Proof) MSRP $49.00
(1) Hand-Written Note

Bushmills has been distilling whiskey since 1608, when King James I granted Sir Thomas Phillips a license to do so.  In 1784, the Old Bushmills Distillery (located in Bushmills, Northern Ireland) became official, as it was registered by Hugh Anderson.  The distillery was destroyed in a fire.  However, workers gathered and rebuilt.

Bushmills won their first round of awards circa 1880 to 1900.  Ten years before the Prohibition ended (1933), Belfast merchant Samuel Wilson purchased the Bushmills Distillery.  The company would change hands over the next 70+ years.

Teeling Whiskey
Teeling Whiskey
(1) T-Shirt Bearing the Teeling Name MSRP $16.94
(1) 750ml Teeling Single Grain Whiskey MSRP $50.81

Teeling Whiskey is a product of Dublin, Ireland.  Today's bottle is the result of 230 years of spirit crafting by hand.  The current generation is comprised of Jack and Stephen Teeling.

The Single Grain batches are aged in Californian Cabernet Sauvignon casks and noted for their spicy and fruity nose with the strong spice palate and drying tannin finish.  We particularly enjoyed the sweet taste of this award-winning spirit.

Wishkah River
(1) 750ml Thirteen Corners Whiskey (80 Proof) MSRP $54.78

The Wishkah River is not only a popular outing place for kayaking, canoeing and fishing.  It is also a significant piece of history for Wishkah River spirits.  The history goes back to and includes five generations of people since the early 1900s.  51% of sourced raw materials must come from Washington State and it does.

Thirteen Corners Whiskey was once named in, "5 of Washington's Best Whiskeys."  It is ultra smooth and has taste highlights of malt, vanilla, maple sugar, rye, spice, cashew and a trace of smoke.  It is aged in un-used ("Virgin") American White Oak barrels for up to three years.

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