Stainless Steel Tumbler by Marky Products

My review begins with a message from the seller, which includes a PDF entitled, "Marky Products Stainless Steel Tumbler."  This is a helpful ebook as it lays out the, "Do's," and the, "Do Not's" of steel tumbler usage.  You can't put these into a freezer, the microwave, etc. 

Marky One is also not supposed to put these into a dishwasher.  But, I own a lot of steel tumblers and I always put them into the dishwasher. 

Buying this particular steel tumbler has a distinct advantage in that you are free to place hot liquids into it.  Many of these drinking vessels can't handle that.  However, this one is double-walled.  Nice.

Oh, and, the tumbler does have an odd smell to it, if you stick your snout up in it.  But, it washes out well.  Thank goodness.

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