Recommendations for National Wine Day, May 25: Our Top 23

Wine and winemaking has a rich history, which spans back over thousands of years.  It has a lot of meaning for different peoples and cultures.  For today, we acknowledge our favorite wines and encourage our dear readers to have a glass with someone who is loved.

(1) 2014 Rosso di Montepulciano MSRP $19

Founders of the original estate were members of the Avignonesi family.  In 2009, the property was acquired by Virginie Saverys who has brought organic and biodynamic farming methods to the art.

Saverys  has also acquired more land and a top of the line winemaking facility in the Montepulciano appellation.

Barone Fini
Barone FiniReceived:
(1) 2015 Pinot Grigio Valdadige MSRP $11.99

The family business is vineyard cultivation and it's been one since 1497.  It began with two noble Venetian families, whereupon one family married into the other.  Even today, the Bonmartini-Fini family continues to product DOC wines with the highest standards at the forefront.

2012 CrianzaBeronia 
(1) 2012 Crianza MSRP $16 

Beronia is a Spanish winery and vineyard.  Interesting to note is that softly played Gregorian chants comfort the wines as they age.  This was recorded at a local monastery.

The 2012 Crianza is aged for a year in mixed oak barrels, American staves and French tops. It was bottled in January of 2015 and should remain undisturbed for three-months before being distributed to the market. It pairs well with roast meats and Iberian cold cuts.

Brandborg Vineyard
(2) 2013 Gewurtzraminer MSRP $18

Brandborg Vineyard sources the 2013 Gewurtzraminer from Bradley Vineyard, which, is located just a mere mile east of their property.  Bradley was planted in 1983, considering a certain elevation and geographical setting.  Gewurtzraminer is a slightly earthy and really fruity nose.  These essences meld so well together, that none of us were able to sort them out.  It pairs well with blue cheese, spicy Indian dishes and certain soups.

Worthy of note is the Brandborg Vineyard is the 2015 Oregon Winery of the Year.

Celler Barcelona 
(1) Brut Cava MSRP $18

Celler Barcelona is a Spanish enterprise and was created by California winemaker, Russell Smith.  He's been making wines for quite some time.  Smith has also worked with Josephy Phelps Vineyards,
Flora Springs and Becker Vineyards in Texas.  The Brut Cava is produced in D.O. Penedes, Spain's World Famous Cava region.  The nose is fruity and immense with citric notes.  It rests in an underground cellar after bottling.  Spicier dishes, paellas and risottos make for some excellent pairing. 

(1) 2013 Toscana's Rèmole IGT MSRP $10 

Villa di Rèmole is located in the heart of Tuscany.  This area encompasses 700 years of history and tradition for the Frescobaldi family and Tuscany, itself.  This vintage wine is exhuberant and fruity.  It pairs well with full bodied first courses, charcuterie and red meat. 

Jordan Vineyard & Winery
(1) 2014 Chardonnay: Russian River Valley MSRP $32

Jordan Vineyard & Winery is located in Sonoma's Alexander Valley and has been in business since 1972.  However, Jordan is more than a winery and a vineyard.  It's also a chateau, with winemaking facilities, guest suites, a kitchen and dining.

Proprietor's Tom and Sally Jordan were led by the muse that is the wine estates of France.  As of today, their two wines have won awards, they've added new culinary events for consumers hosted at the winery in Healdsburg and they still strive to excel in the arts of balanced winemaking and gracious hospitality that inspired the Jordans to make their first wine 40 years ago.

Joseph Carr Cellars
Josh Cellars
(1) 2014 Central Coast Pinor Noir MSRP $17.99

Joseph Carr has been involved in the wine industry for twenty-years.  His journey began when he started working as a sommelier. Then, he became an executive.  However, what he most wanted was to make wine.  He did that and has become, "The Negociant of the Napa Valley."

Loire Valley
(1) 2015 Sauvion Rosé d'Anjou MSRP $10.99

Sauvion is one of the oldest estates in the Sevre et Maine region.  It was founded in 1935.  Today, fourth-generation winemaker Pierre-Jean Sauvion continues making wine with a tradition which Dates back a hundred years.

This wine is sourced from thirty-year-old vines.  It is comprised of 70% Groslot and 30% Gamay.  
Luce de La Vite

(1) 2013 Lucente MSRP $29

This Lucente is an award-winning wine which, has been a year in aging, before it is bottled.  It is Luce's second wine and is also sourced from the same vineyards as Luce.  The grapes are selected as those which are the most distinct of the terroir.  It is as aggressive as it is gentle.

Luce has quite the listing (two pages) of awards. 

(1) 2014 Villa Gemma Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo DOC MSRP $15

Villa Gemma is crafted by winemaker Gianni MasciarelliIt was first produced in 1986.  The grapes are a hundred percent Montepulciano.  These are harvested in crates from the tenth to the fifteenth of October.  It has won both the Best Norwegian Rosè Wine and, the "Best Buy in Norway." It pairs well with cold cuts,  pizzas and fish soup (Vasto style).

Oliver Winery
(1) Apple Pie NEW!
(1) Bubblecraft White MSRP $11.00
(1) Sangria Classic MSRP $7.50
(1) Soft Red MSRP $7.50

Oliver Winery began in the 60's in the basement of Indiana University law professor William Oliver.  The grapes outgrew the hobby and it grew into a business.  It was this very man who would take an aggressive stance for passing legislation, which would allow small wineries to exist in Indiana.

Eventually, other family members would become instrumental in the running of the winery.  As of now, Oliver stands over award-winning wines, distributes to 18 states and ships clear across the country.

Did we mention how incredible the Apple Pie is?  Ginae Says was really lucky to sample the Apple Pie before it hits the shelves, as it's scheduled to do in September!  The nose is of baked bread, cinnamon and roasted apples.  Very nice.  Excellent prices.  Not pretentious.

Pedroncelli Winery 
(1) 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek Valley Three Vineyards MSRP $19
(1) 2013 Zinfandel Mother Clone MSRP $18
(1) 2014 Friends Red Wine MSRP $12
(1) 2015 Friends White Wine Blend MSRP $12
(1) 2015 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley MSRP $12
(1) 2015 Sauvignon Blanc Dry Creek Valley East Side Vineyard  MSRP $15

Pedroncelli Winery The Pedroncelli Winery is steeped in tradition, values and a must-keep-going worth ethic.  It's been a family endeavor since 1927, employing four decades worth.  Their endeavors began when Giovanni and Julia Pedroncelli bought hillside property.  Twenty-five acres of this property is where Zinfandel is planted.

In 2010, Pedroncelli was owned (70%) by women.  Five years later, Montse Reece was appointed to the position of winemaker, the company's first female.  In 2016, the family continues to thrive and to enjoy the rewards of several awards and the efforts of many before them.

Purple Heart
Purple Heart Wines
(1) 2013 Purple Heart MSRP $20

As one would imagine, Purple Heart Wines is a Napa Valley company which assists our country's veterans.  The ones who are transitioning between service and going home.  How could we not include and recommend this brand?

The wine itself is a rich red with a delightful medley of red and black fruits.  This is the result of creative blending.  84% Merlot.  7% Cabernet Sauvignon.  6% Cabernet Franc.  3% Petit Verdot. 

Villa Pozzi 
(1) Merlot MSRP $9.99

The Pozzi family originated in Cremona (Northern Italy).  Cremona is a small, yet bustling city which, is rich in culture, family and tradition.  The patriarch of the Pozzi family was well-known in
the city for his business endeavors.  Eventually, he began selling his products the world over via a relationship with the Deutsch family.

Current Pozzi is Daniele who is a fourth-generation winemaker.  He continues the tradition and the legacy that was set before him.  The family motto is, "Res non Verba."  (Deeds not Words).

This was an incredible and wonderful endeavor.  It was also a lot of work.  Consider that there are 23 listed wines.  However, we received 30.  It was difficult.  And great.


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