Portion Paw The Perfect Portion Scoop

This food scoop is really convenient.  It has marked portion sizes so that you can see how much you are feedings your pets.  This is good for me, personally, as I have two fat cats.  I've never owned cats before and am learning a lot about them and their care.

But, I need a solution to their overweight status as I don't want them to have a hard time when they are older with this.  I've cut down on their treats and now, I am feeding them less cat food.  It's not enough to give them quality food.  You need to know how much you're giving them, if for no other reason than the veterinarian may ask you about this.

I like the clip on the scooper too.  I have to keep their food in the pantry, so that they don't get in there, eat all of what's left of their food, then, hork it up while I'm not looking.  'Course, there's nothing that you can do about that anyway, except for feed them food for a sensitive tummy, which, I do.

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