Portable 12V Digital Automobile Tire Pump

I am dumbfounded.  Normally, anything that involves my car (other than driving it), is an endless source of difficulty, grease, oil, finger blots and confusion.  Not so with this product.

Portable 12V Digital Automobile Tire Pump The instructions were perused a few times.  "It looks easy enough."  But, is it? 

Yes.  Yes, it is.  Plug the chord into the cigarette lighter.  Check the air
pressure in the tire.  Place the tire nozzle onto the tire air hole.  Turn on the tire pump.  It's a little loud as you can tell by watching the video.  But, so what?  If you're stranded on a highway at night, you'd want to have a can of fix-a-flat alongside the air pump.  That way, you can use that to (hopefully) seal a hole in the tire, then, air it up and get home safely.

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