Panel Hat Black

This black Panel Hat has come to be my new favorite cap.  It is unique in some excellent ways.  But, not so weird that you don't like it.  The cap doesn't look like a cap. But, it is.  The way that this item is comprised of panels is different.  The back strap is different in that it is comprised of nylon, rather

My past favorite cap has a metal clasp which, sometimes leaves an attractive mark on my darling face.  Not cool.  Painful, even.

I wish that this hat were available in a khaki and an off-white.  That would be nice.  But, as is, we like it. than the material that the cap is made of.  The clasp is different too.  It's made of plastic and is easy to adjust.  I like this because I often will turn the hat/cap around if the bill becomes annoying to me.

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