I Draw on Cats: A Connect-the-Dots Activity Book

The first time that we opened up this book, we didn't get it.  What's the point here?  And, huh?

I Draw on Cats: A Connect-the-Dots Activity BookWe looked at it on another day and realized that there were instructions and they were easy enough to follow.  Then, we Googled the title and it all started coming together for us.  Drawing on cats is a trend.  Like, watching cat videos is a trend.  Or, at least it was.  Surely, there are still cat watchers amongst us.

Despite all of the cat smack talking, a lot of us love cats and we crave to see them doing cute things.  The book falls right in line with that.  It's a fun concept.  It's total whimsy at its best.

The pages of the book are perforated so that you may tear them out, complete the dots and display, as you please.  This would be a perfect group activity for adults and children.  Simply break out the silver and gold gel pens and enjoy!

Author: A.R. Coffelt
Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Potter Style; Csm edition (March 29, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0553448412
ISBN-13: 978-0553448412
Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 0.3 x 7.1 inches

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