Craft Beer Menu Monday: Lazy Magnolia

Our experience with Lazy Magnolia was nothing less than an artistic vacation, of sorts.  Prior to now, our experience with the state of Mississippi has only been for short stints.  Our experiences began with a review procedure.

We smell and taste the product (where it's applicable), make notes, then, consider the design of the products.  However, our immediate impressions came as we were doing these things and simply thought about the name of the business.  Lazy Magnolia.

We imagined our self, sitting on a wooden porch, listening to katydids and crickets, wiping sweat out of our eyes and being cooled with a cold beer.  There's a screen door which, is constantly being slammed shut.  Children are running around, there are some older gentlemen behind me and they're
fussing about today's generation.  Peaceful.


  • (5) 12-Oz Southern Pecan 
  • (5) 12-Oz Timber Beast  

Southern Pecan

The nose is totally nutty.  The beginning, middle and after-taste are nutty.  It's weirdly awesome.  It's like liquid pecans.  Nice!

Timber Beast

Timber Beast is the penultimate in IPA's. Its nose is all the way IPA.  However, there's something unique about it and we do not know what that is.

Now, as we peruse the website, we realize that Lazy Magnolia is one of the oldest brewers in the state of MS. When we really look at the design of the beer packages, our experience makes more sense. The highway sign shaped crests, the withered appearance of the packages.  It was a a really smart marketing thing.  Really smart.  We are enchanted.

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