Craft Beer Menu Monday: Fort Collins Brewery

Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) has been around since 2003 and they began as a German lager house. 
Owners and founders Jan and Tom Peters have since worked up with a beginning of three beers (Doktor, Edgar and Z Lager).  Now, they have a full menu of fifty lagers and ales.

Kettle Sour The first time that we visited the FCB website, we were struck with the designs of FCB.  Amazing!  These are so done well.  Upon review approval, we selected two beers and were blown away.  We've never had a sour or a chocolate stout like these.  Ever.  These are seriously incredible.


  • (1) Kettle Sour Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale - 500ml
  • (1) Shot Down - 12 Ounce Can

Kettle Sour (16 Proof) Savor Series

The nose is a toasty bread.  However, the taste of this brown hued joy is akin to those cherry sour candies that we loved as children.  We absolutely love it.  Pairs well with aged cheese.

Shot Down (11 Proof) Year-Round

The nose is 25% IPA, 2% caramel, 3% coffee and 70% chocolate.  The taste of this light black beer is warm and delightful!  Pairs well with pork mole and cinnamon coffee cake.

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