50 Things Your Kids Don't Want to Tell You

50 Things Your Kids Don't Want to Tell You (50 Things) is comprised of five chapters;

  1. Family Relationships
  2. Personal Choices
  3. School: The Stage
  4. Legal: Crossing Lines
  5. S_x: No Plan

After each chapter, Campbell-Harley has a, "Reflection Page."  This is where you may list your thoughts about what you've read.  Here, you may use free thought, mind mapping, or whatever method you deem necessary to lead to possible truths.

50 Things Your Kids Don't Want to Tell YouThere isn't any commentary on the 50 Things and it's supposed to be that way.  The book was meant to help you to think critically (deeply, not negatively) about whether or not your offspring is struggling with some of the mentioned issues.  If 50 Things brings you and your young to a point where a non-judgmental conversation can be broached, then, the book will have well-earned your bucks.

Perhaps, a resource section would have been good though.

Author: Shelly Campbell-Harley, M.A.Ed
Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream, 73 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Published Date: Apr 26, 2016
ISBN10: 1478773626
ISBN13: 9781478773627

About Shelly Campbell-Harley, M.A.Ed:

Shelly Campbell-Harley is the author of over a dozen educational articles and has written several children’s books, as well as a book on leadership. She has a Master’s in education and has been teaching for over 20 years. When Shelly is not writing, teaching, or spending time with family and friends, she enjoys reading, crafting, and spending time outdoors.
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