3 Pack of Premium Pacifier Clip By KiddosArt (Jungle Theme)

My review begins with a missive from the seller.  The missive provides an order tracker.  Nice.

3 Pack of Premium Pacifier Clip By KiddosArt (Jungle Theme) This is seriously the most beautiful set of pacifier clips that I've ever seen.  The clips themselves are a matching, green and comprised of a safety-
in-mind plastic composition.  They also arrive with a coupon for ten percent off of your next KiddosArt product. 

1 Clip:  Sports a parrot at the top, sitting on a branch.  A couple of branches below him is a lady bug, crossing our path.  Clouds are in the middle of the design.

1 Clip:  Smiling monkey at the top and smiling lion and elephant at the bottom.  Clouds are in between the animals.

1 Clip:  Dangling red leaves at the top, over three brightly colored butterflies with smiling giraffe and monkey at the bottom.  Clouds are interspersed between the top and the bottom.

These are just beautiful.  They are bright and vividly colored.  Right now, they can be had for a hair under $10.00.

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