Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

Our review begins with a message from the seller, detailing instructions.  Nice.  Simple.

Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum This serum is comprise of thousands of Rosa Damascena petals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  Do you know what oxidation is?  It's rusting and this is what your skin cells are doing if you don't take care of your skin.

Eeewww!  Right?  Ye-ah.

I also prefer natural ingredients when I can get them.  My skin seems to respond best to these as well.  I used this serum nightly to clean the face and neck areas. 

After six days of use, these areas are definitely more hydrated.  I have some red spots which have disappeared too.  Valentia Rose is a gentle and love product which, is soaked up by dry skin.

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