Urban Armor Gear: LG G5 Composite Cases

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) brings you the ultimate in protective cases/covers.  Today, we have a LG G5 and again, we find the item in our hands, contemplating its strength.  We hold it up to the light.  There are no flaws.  We bend.  We twist.  We push with our She-Ra hands.  It stays strong.  This one is Ice and features the well-known honeycomb pattern.  Other colors include Ash (dark gray), Black, Cobalt (blue) and Magma (red). 

We are stating this to your faces, gentle readers.  This is what you get for buying a well-known, tested and constantly growing brand.  The strength of a super hero and the looks of a celebrity.


Urban Armor Gear: LG G5 Composite Cases
  • Military Graded
  • Drop Tested
  • Impact Resistant
  • Feather Light
  • Easy Access

(1) New CompositeCase for the LG G5

Urban Armor Gear: LG G5 Composite Cases One of these new composite cases can be yours for $34.95 (from the website listed below).  Shipping is free.  So is a one-year warranty. 

About Urban Armor Gear:

Inspired by adrenaline-fueled outdoor adventures throughout Southern California, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) delivers mobile accessories and cases developed to survive rugged terrains while protecting your tech throughout any journey. Urban Armor Gear's innovative, lightweight yet durable designs constantly evolve to provide urban adventurers and global thrill seekers high-quality accessories to preserve the latest tech gear on the market, with the reassurance that their UAG mobile cases will perform through all extremes. Our badge of honor rests behind every single UAG product receiving a military-grade certification for protection against shock by enduring rigorous laboratory drop testing.

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