Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea

The product has yet to hit the shelves of retail outlets and grocery stores.  This is unfortunate, as the very concept is witty, creative and intelligent.  However, despair not tea aficionados!  Teables is alive on Kickstarter as of two days ago.

Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea We are tea drinkers of long ago and loved the taste of these teas. 

Earl Grey Tea is caffeinated and contains organic black tea and natural oil of bergamot.  First of all, the aroma of this tea is quite pleasant.  We've had a lot of Earl Grey tea and this one tasted great.  We used no sugar and no milk as we wanted full flavor.  It was great!  It will also give you a caffeine boost. 

Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea
The well-thought-out image of "Agatha Chris Tea," put a smile on our face.  The quote used on the other side was, "Tea is a marvelous thing.  It can neither be explained nor ignored." 

Tea is one of the most relaxing beverages, and for us, this was good stuff. 

The Mint Tea was awesome.  It's caffeine free and made with organic spearmint.  At night, before bed time, this cup of tea was for us! 

Both of these organic teas were great and we look forward to sampling more of these!

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