Portable Changing Pad

My review begins with a short missive from the seller.  These are a nice touch.  Just a short message.

It's amazing what happens when you unfold this thing.  In fact, it's difficult to view the images attached to this item and wonder how something so compact can be so much!  But, it is.

Portable Changing Pad
All folded up, the pad is almost 2 inches deep.  But, it compresses to less than a half inch.  It's also light weight.

If this weren't an otherwise great item, I would take away a star as the changer is blue and has the image of a baby boy on the front.  I understand that this item comes from China.  Still, why not have a pink changer with a female baby?  Girls are people too.  Just sayin'.

It's also good that the changing area detaches from the upper, holding area.  When the diaper change area requires cleaning, you can clean it before re-attaching.  Smart.

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