Mr. Nutcase

Mr. Nutcase is an English company, which, creates personalized products for mobile phones, tablets, Macbook cases and other items. 

Mr. NutcaseBy now, we have dealt with a few different companies who do what Mr. Nutcase does.  Enough so that we've realized a few norms for the industry. 

We know what stinks, what's great and what's just entirely too much effort.

Mr. Nutcase makes it incredibly easy to buy personalized items and here's why. 

Mr. NutcaseSome companies will provide a numerical value for the size of your input.  This can be a good thing, in that you know how big your image/s need to be, before you even begin scouring your (sometimes massive) image files.  This can also be negative because the width has to be an exact number of pixels, as does the height.  At that point, you are forced to find an exact image of a certain orientation (horizontal or vertical) or, edit the image (you necessarily lose some quality when you do this).

Mr. Nutcase makes this easy because you don't have to think so hard that it exhausts you.  There is a downside.  It's not huge.  You simply have to check your work after you've cropped it, added a bit of clip art and are ready to turn your masterpiece into a paying order.

We did two mugs at two different times as we realized that we really wanted to see what a difference the handle color might make and we botched the first one.  The text is cut off.  Argh!  It's supposed to say Graycie Ginae 2016.  However, it cuts off on the zero just a bit.  We can only blame ourselves for this. Hence, the admonition.

Mr. Nutcase
However, the second mug turned out beautifully!  We used the same text, added a pink heart to it and the black handle does make an aesthetic difference, albeit a small one. 

Finally, we dealt with one person during these transactions and he was very
personable.  He was also patient with our pre-layout prejudices and anxieties.  We are glad for these experiences and can recommend the services of Mr. Nutcase.

Oh, the company is in England and it does take a bit for your products to arrive.  But, here's the low down.  That time was going to pass anyway.  Just, well know, pick up a spare hobby or something.

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