Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art

Magic and Loss reminds us of our initial experiences with the Internet and we will never forget it.  The very first time that we loaded the Internet on our PC, there it was.  Netscape.  It seemed magical.  The logo had stars which moved as we gazed, transfixed.

We knew of the Internet because of work talk.  So-and-so was emailing best friend in another country for free.  Huh?  What is the Internet?

Years later, we have taught ourselves to write HTML, tend to a blog and so much more.  The Internet is a life changing thing.  However, it's more than cute cat videos on YouTube.  It's more than missive's to friends and friendly strangers on Facebook. 

So much more.

Magic and Loss: The Internet as ArtWe buy movie tickets, secure a higher education and balance a checkbook.

So much more.

Virginia Heffernan is one of the best writer's that we've ever had the pleasure to experience.  With incredible detail and clarity, she is able to represent the Internet through her own sum of experiences, which, is a work of art.  We do not disagree.

It's wild how much information is covered between the covers.  Heffernan's experiences are so different from our own.  But, she's a gamer, an outstanding writer and an artist herself.  She has managed to put a frame around the mystical aspects that can keep all of us so very busy.

Author:  Virginia Heffernan
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pub Date: June 7, 2016
File Size: 3960 KB
Print Length: 272 pages

About the Author:

Virginia Heffernan writes regularly about digital culture for The New York Times Magazine. In 2005, Heffernan (with cowriter Mike Albo) published the cult comic novel The Underminer (Bloomsbury). In 2002, she received her PhD in English Literature from Harvard.

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