French Press with Sturdy Metal Frame

This French Press is not only visually appealing.  But, it's safe for the dishwasher and comes with a guarantee, whereupon, you send the defective item in and the company replaces it.  Nice bang for the buck.

French Press with Sturdy Metal Frame The glass carafe in conjunction with the metal frame, make for an attractive unit.  The size is accommodating, albeit somewhat small.  There are instructions on how to use this carafe and how to properly clean it.  You must use coarse ground coffee to prevent clogging the filter.  Ugh!  Do not clog your filter.

I grind my own coffee beans, so this is no problem. 

The coffee tastes wonderful in this French carafe.  I can adjust the strength like any other coffee pot as to how much coffee goes into the carafe.  This is a great item for the adventurous soul!

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