16 Oz Zesty Paws Salmon Oil

I wanted so much to be able to spray this on my cat's food.  I knew that they would absolutely love it.  However, once I ever-so-cautiously removed the cap, I then removed the inner cap and accidentally got a tiny little drop on my skin and then, well, I will simply state that it made me sick to my core.

16 Oz Zesty Paws Salmon Oil After I calmed down and scrubbed fish aroma off of my person, I quickly ran the bottle to a staff reviewer as she also has two cats and just as we expected, they went nuts!  She even gave some to her dog who wasn't sure how he felt at first.  But, once he realized that he liked it, he too could not get enough of the stuff!

16 Oz Zesty Paws Salmon Oil Fish oil is good for all of us.  I wish that I could take it in a capsules.  But,
I know that once the capsule breaks down those ensuing burps come come up with a tsunami force anti-lunching. 

Fish oil is excellent for animals and human.  But, fish oil necessarily arrives
with that smell.  I can't do it.  Not even for my darling kitties.

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