Red Car Cane & Window Breaker Escape Tool

I've been wanting one of these ever since I first heard about them, which has been a bit of time now.  I wondered about the possibility of this thing folded up.  But, surely it would lose some of its strength if it were able to be folded up.

Red Car Cane & Window Breaker Escape Tool A user manual would have been nice, even if it were only a small piece of paper with the information given here.  For instance, I was wondering how one would get in with a cane in the door and actually, one realistically wouldn't.  One would use the cane to exit the vehicle while steadying oneself on the door.

As for actually using the window breaker if necessary (because of being submerged in water), it's not a pretty thought.  However, it is a precautionary thought.  This is nice to have.

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