Petoyo EarthFriendly Dog Waste Bags W/Dispenser

These are so great!  When your dog is lookin' you in the eyes, barking furiously and needing to go outside, you have to have a bag to catch the leavin's and the leash, right at hand.  You need to act quickly as you have no idea whether or not this is just a regular run or an, "I eated two pounds of grease and we must go now," run. 
Petoyo EarthFriendly Dog Waste Bags W/Dispenser
You try to keep a regular supply of retail store bags along with the leash.  But, you normally run out.  This is just how things work.  You run out of supplies.

Enter Petoyo!

This is a yellow, plastic dispenser of 45 dog waste bags on a carabiner.  Yes!  While you may not have the opportunity to clip it onto your jeans, jacket or leash, it's right by the door, along with the leash and you are ready to run.

Love it!

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