o.b. Pro Comfort tampons

We've known about o.b. tampons for many years.  However, we never endeavored to try them until recently.  Why?  We figured that tampons with plastic applicators have better knowledge of just where they need to go and while this is clearly not always true, this had to be a better plan.  Right?

Maybe not.
O.B. Pro Comfort Tampons

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  • (2) 18 Count Regular SilkTouch
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If you adhere to the previously mentioned logic, then, paper/cardboard applicators will probably get you lost and they do.  Granted, plastic does bend.  It does.  But, cardboard is a bad idea for "down there" products.  In fact, we are guessing that a rocket launcher would be a superior product. 

So, no applicator.  Okay, so we tried it and have found that applicator's are not necessarily superior.  In fact, their extra length gives the user excuse to spend a longer period of time just sitting on the can.  It's true.

The verdict?

Slip an o.b. into your pocket.  Because, really, if you take your purse to the john with you, others know why you did that and will sometimes, discuss this amongst themselves.  It's unkind.  But, it happens.

o.b. Pro Comfort tampons
 About o.b. tampons:

o.b.® tampons are non-applicator tampons that offer women ultimate protection and comfort. Designed small to protect big, o.b.® tampons were created by a female gynecologist to expand all around to custom-fit a woman's body perfectly and have curved grooves for locked-in protection. Thanks to their mighty small size, o.b.® tampons are more discreet and easier to carry and store than other tampons, but offer all the protection of an applicator brand.

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