Music Meets Mobility: The Xylocycle Story featuring Eric Rich and Xtracycle, epowered by Bosch

Eric Rich is an inventor and a musician.  He and his performing entourage pedal to various playing engagements,  with instruments on board Xylocycle's.  Surely, many if not all of these concerts are performed within the Salt Lake City, Utah area, where Rich resides. 

Bosch eBike System
The embedded video shows the group in transit.  It's somewhat wild and while we cannot imagine the hustle, the bustle and the efforts involved.  We would think this a daunting task, if for no other reason, than just trying to keep the instruments from getting knocked out of tune from venue to venue. 

However, Rich and his team manage to do just this!

It all began with Rich's creation of the Piano Bike, which is just as it sounds.  The rider is seated with a seat that is higher than the trailing piano.  It appears that the revolution's needed to keep the bike going could be strenuous.

On Sept 1, 2015 Eric picks up a new Xtracycle Edgerunner 10E from Saturday Cycle.  During the next month (October the third), the Xylocycle is born.  Incredible to note is that this vehicle was made possible by Bosch technology via the pedal-assist eBike system. 

Later that month (the 16th), The Performance is given at The Copper Palate, in Salt Lake City.

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