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The Total Results haircare line was created to heal the error of our hairstyling ways.  The line is best used in exclusivity, unless you are one to vary up washing with different brands, as we at Ginae Says usually do.  However, when we wash with Matrix, we use only Matrix products, normally ones belonging to a particular line.

Total Results smells incredible.  It's somewhat fruity and while we normally might not prefer such a thing, this aroma is unlike any we've ever encountered.  It's just about magical.  It strengthens, heals and feeds.

Matrix: Total ResultsTotal Results Received (Prices Vary per Venue):

  • (1) Miracle(s) Creator 
  • (1) Miracle(s) Extender 
  • (1) So Long Damage: Break Fix 
  • (1) So Long Damage: Iron Tamer 
  • (1) So Long Damage: Conditioner 
  • (1) So Long Damage: Shampoo 

Miracle(s) Creator

We k-now.  Okay.  We do.

We know that we simply cannot favorite every Matrix product.  We do.  However, this one is our absolute favorite.  Seriously.  It performs twenty functions.  It nourishes, boosts, smooths, prevents brush breakages and heat damage, adds shine, moisture, stands up to tame the frizz and more.  Ahhhhhh.

Spray on towel-dried hair. Comb through.  Style.

Miracle(s) Extender

We love the dry shampoo!  Simply hold eight-to-ten inches from your head, give it a few, short shots and the second-day without having washed looks anew.  This is excellent for busy people, folks on the go and those who might be confined to a hospital bed.

So Long Damage: Break Fix

Break Fix is meant to be used in conjunction with So Long Damage Conditioner and Shampoo.  This is an elixir.  When left in, it reconstructs hair fibers to keep them strong and intact. 

So Long Damage: Iron Tamer

Using a blow dryer and/or a curling iron can really work over your tresses.  How can they not?  Iron Tamer is the solution to protect from the heat, by employing a protective lotion.

So Long Damage: Conditioner

As with the Break Fix, the conditioner is meant to be used in conjunction with the shampoo.  The conditioner is meant to reinforce shampooing.  One is left with strong, healthy hair and shine.

So Long Damage: Shampoo

So Long Damage Shampoo performs the same tasks as the conditioner as far as making your hair strong, healthy and beautiful.  It provides an excellent beginning for your haircare protection regime.  Apply.  Lather up.  Rinse.  Follow with the conditioner.

Matrix can be purchased at select salons and online outlets.

About Matrix:

MATRIX, the leading professional haircare and haircolor company in the United States, is part of L'Oreal USA's Professional Products Division. Founded in 1980, MATRIX is committed to the development of the salon professional and offers a wide range of products including: Biolage, Biolage ExquisiteOil, Biolage Advanced, COLORINSIDER, ColorSync, Logics, SOCOLOR, Total Results, Style Link and Vavoom (MATRIX professional products are available only in salons and can be guaranteed authentic when purchased from authorized retailers.) Visit for hairstyle and haircolor inspiration as well as MATRIX trends and tips!

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