Matrix: Oil Wonders: Volume Rose

Each of the Volume Rose products are well-designed, have a beautiful pink hue and a slight, but lovely rose essence.  The products well-compliment one another.  The agenda of this collection is to volumize fine hair and give it more body, softness and shine.

One of Ginae Says reviewers was selected for this review as her hair is just beautiful.  But, it's very thin.  Baby fine.  She loved the aroma, the lather, the volume and her state of being, "Squeeky Clean!"

Received (Matrix Oil Wonders): 

  • (1) Volume Rose: Conditioner (Prices Vary per Venue)
  • (1) Volume Rose: Finishing Spray (Prices Vary per Venue)
  • (1) Volume Rose: Pre-Shampoo Treatment
    (Prices Vary per Venue)
  • (1) Volume Rose: Plumping Mousse (Prices Vary per Venue)
  • (1) Volume Rose: Shampoo (Prices Vary per Venue)

Volume Rose: Conditioner

The conditioner feeds and nurtures vulnerable strands with a 2X penetration power.  It also adds to hair softness.  It's divine, really.

Volume Rose: Finishing Spray

Finishing Spray performs in the same manner as the Plumping Mousse.  The spray should be used as a finale touch for one's Volume Rose beauty regime.  Hit the pump (spray) and go.

Matrix: Oil Wonders: Volume RoseVolume Rose:

The Pre-Shampoo Treatment is intuitive as it only works on damaged areas.  The treatment strengthens hair from shaft to ends.  It also helps to aid in the reduction of strand breakage.

Volume Rose: Plumping Mousse

When used in conjunction with the other Volume Rose products, the Plumping Mousse provides up to 78% more volume for those with fine hair, as opposed to hair that has not been washed.  Important to note is that the rosehip oil is non-greasy.  Oils can be problematic in the haircare arena.  Not so with Matrix.

Volume Rose: Shampoo

The shampoo was designed to remove build-up, while providing a volumized wash.  It lathers well, detangles and leaves the user with soft hair strands and shine.  And volume.

Matrix: Oil Wonders: Volume Rose
About Matrix:

Matrix is the leading manufacturer of haircare products for the professional salon industry in North America. It manufactures and markets shampoo, haircolor, styling and hair care products sold exclusively through beauty salons. Its product line includes several popular brands, such as Biolage, SoColor, Opticurl and Amplify, which are distributed in 80,000 hair salons throughout the U.S.

In 1999, Matrix had sales of $342 million, with North America accounting for approximately 90 percent of its total sales. Its products are also distributed in Europe primarily in the U.K., Italy and Scandinavia, as well as Australia. Matrix currently employs approximately 1,000 people.

Matrix can be purchased at select salons and online outlets.

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