Liquid A--: Tale of the Traveling Poo

In consideration of this review, we watched a good smattering of germane YouTube videos and it was amazing how mean-spirited some of these pranksters are.  Granted, we requested this review.  Liquid A-- didn't come to us.  Some are actually funny though.  We truly believe that a well-deserved prank deserves attention.  But, please, be responsible.

Why Liquid A--?

When we saw the website, we laughed so hard that it was unreal.  Then, we read some of the feedback, as listed on the site.  Our uncontrollable LOL moments returned.  Again.  Unreal. 


  • (1) 1 Fl Oz of Barfume: Puke Smell MSRP: $12.99 
  • (1) 1 Fl Oz of Liquid A--: Fart Prank MSRP: $12.99
  • (1) 1 Fl Oz of TexA--: Stink Prank MSRP: $12.99 
  • (1) 6" Human T_rd Model MSRP: $12.75 

Bingo Hall AKA "Stink Joint"

Liquid A--: Tale of the Traveling PooWe took some Liquid A on the road.  Our stinkful journey began at the bingo hall (which, we normally refer to as The Stink Joint).  We perched the human poo model right up on top of the desk where we were sitting for all to see.  Sadly, it didn't amuse or stop too many in their tracks.  However, the bad smell bottles didn't disappoint. 

With the help of like-minded bingo workers, various other players were asked to sniff the products and they did.  We never did.  We simply didn't.  But, others did.  This amused many.

Rank, was the worst heard comment.  We expected more.  Still, we had a lot of fun asking others to smell our, "bottles." 

Medical Laboratory

Monday, we had an appointment at the medical laboratory for a blood sample.  The receptionist didn't take our request as well as she could have.  We produced a poo from our purse and asked if a stool sample would be needed.  Sad, really.  In retrospect, this was a funny moment, for which we are still amused!

By now, we've taken that poo all over town and while we admit to our affinity for all things ultra-silly, we have neither a story, nor feedback the likes of which are on the website, as listed below.  But, we tried.  And, we will try again!

All items are sold on the website, as listed below.  Use responsibly!  Don't ninja spray a person's living space.  That's just mean-spirited.

Oh, and the A--man, with whom we dealt.  Funny guy, as you can imagine!  He confessed to having studied more human poo than most of us, during the course of our careers.  He's an artist. 

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