LIONIZE Vodka: T.G.I.F. for March 4

LIONIZE Vodka (80 proof) is a new endeavor, which was/is designed to appeal to those who wish to take shots, yet avoid throwing up just a little bit.  The concept works well.  In fact, we challenge vodka purist's to consider LIONIZE the next time that celebratory shots are in order.

The nose is 94% ethanol and 6% sweet.  We know that LIONIZE isn't sweet.  They fought to keep the spirit sweet-free.  However, this is how our palate discerns lime, which we really like.  Really, sweet hit us first.  Then, citrus.  The finish is smooth with a soothing burn.


We weren't sure how we wanted to share our bottle and with whom.  Normally, we would turn to fellow Ginae Says reviewers.  However, it didn't set well.  We agonized over it and decided to head over to the Stink Joint, which is where we often go for a rousing taste test. 

We sat down and placed the bottle on the shelf in front of us.  This is where workers take money for each game.  Interested folk were drawn to it and we were expedient to explain the concept.  All were intrigued and all wanted seconds. 

About LIONIZE Vodka:

The Shot Company is a producer of premium spirits designed exclusively for shots, with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Or to be more specific, we’re a husband and wife team with a penchant for shots and a passion for quality spirits. For more information about LIONIZE, please visit us online, or like us on Facebook.

LIONIZE will be formally launched at the famous Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas on March 8th 2016. If you’re there, come down and take a celebratory shot with us, otherwise expect a tweet or two!

LIONIZE can be purchased online from Liquorama.  A 750ml bottle can be had for $32.99.  Sweet.

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