Leak-Proof Glass Bottles: 2-Pack

If you hold the bottles up to a light source, you can see that the glass is warped.  It's weird looking, even.  However, the warping is internal and you cannot feel this from the outside.

Leak-Proof Glass Bottles: 2-Pack
These are marked in increments of 2-ounces, beginning at two and ending at 16.  The caps are comprised of stainless steel and are equipped with a stopper so that they do not spill, leak or otherwise sneak out when you're not looking.  The bottles look like skinny baby bottles.

Glasses provide for a better drinking vessel as plastic is quick to become stained and then crack.

The mouth on the bottles is of a good size so that air can enter the bottle as you drink.  This is great to keep bubbles out of your nose and in your drinking vessel.  I have a friend who is always making smoothies and I suspect that will soon be asking for these bottles.  Mmmm hmmmmm.

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