He Named me Malala (2015): Quotes


Malala: I chose this life.  It was not forced on me.  It was not told to me to live such kind of life.  I chose this life and now I must continue it. 

He Named me Malala (2015)
Malala: I tell my story, not because it is unique but, because it is not.  It is the story of many girls.  I am Mulala.  But, I am also Shaizla.  I am Kainat.  I am Kainat Soomro.  I am Mezon.  I am Amina. I am those 66 million girls who are deprived of education.  I am not a lone voice.  I am many.  And, our voices have grown louder and louder.

Malala: I think (that) she's (Mulala's Mother) not independent or free because she's not educated.

Malala: I want people to learn from the experience I had and the story of my life.

Malala: In Kenya, there are so many girls that cannot go to school.

Malala: It is so hard to get things done in this world.  You try, and too often, it doesn't work.  But, you have to continue and you never give up.
MalalaMalala: Sometime (Mulala's Mother) say, "Don't shake hand with man.  Look down.  Don't look at men.  It's a shame."  And, I said, "If men can look at me, why can't I look at them?" 

Malala: The Taliban are a small group of people.  They think that God is a tiny, little, conservative being.  But for us, God is not that tiny.  God has sent us to this world to see how would we live.  Would they choose a bad way or a good way?

Malala: There is a moment when you have to choose, whether to be silent, or to stand up.  

Malala: They thought that the bullet would silence us.

Malala: When I was in Pakistan, it was a different world for me.

MalalaZiauddin: As a schoolboy, the hardest times were the moments when a teacher asked me to stand and read a passage from a book. 

Ziauddin: Change matters.

Ziauddin: Education gives you the power to question things.  Education gives you the power to question things.  The power to challenge things.  To be independent. 

Ziauddin: I loved education.  I loved to be a teacher.

Ziauddin: I put in my student a type of rebel against traditions, customs and how to raise their voice.

Ziauddin: I started my own school, just with $150. 

Ziauddin: If I keep silent, I think, then, you lose the right to exist.  The right to live.  If my rights are violated and I keep silent, I should better die than to live. 

Ziauddin: My name was announced.  I went to the podium.  I was speaking to the people but, I did not see them.  And, when I ended my speech, one of my teachers came to me and told, "Oh, Ziauddin, you spread the fire."  I got encouraged.  I didn't keep silent.  I spoke.  (Emotionally) Because, this is me.  Because, this is me. 

Ziauddin: They are cruel people who are misusing the name of Islam.  They are the enemies of Islam.

Directed by: Davis Guggenheim

Produced by: Davis Guggenheim, Laurie MacDonald and Walter Parkes

Written by: Alicia Keys and Thomas Newman

Starring: Malala Yousafzai, Toor Pekai Yousafzai and Ziauddun Yousafzai

Genre: Documentary

Rated: PG-13

Release date: October 22, 2015 (Germany)

Tagline: One Child, One Teacher, One Book and One Pen Can Change the World

Time: 1 hour, 28 minutes

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